As a passionate lingerie buyer, Stéphanie founded Ruban noir when she became bored with the models available in her favorite shops. She felt that something was missing for the modern, active and elegant woman.

How could the ready-to-wear industry innovate and adapt to the desires of modern women whilst lingerie remains stuck in the past? Why does art always evolve but not lingerie design? Why should lingerie lag behind the times?

Stéphanie has given birth to an electric and subtle lingerie brand for the temperamental woman. She breaks the rules through use of high performance fabrics typically used for swimwear or sportswear. Her obsession with quality and detail sets her apart.

Under her creative touch, high-tech materials become delicate and tamed for the sophisticated woman. In a calculated way, the concealed body becomes more seductive. The Ruban noir woman assumes her modernity and sensuality; she needn’t choose between being strong or sensual.

Ruban noir introduces new fabrics and manufacturing technologies to the world of lingerie. Through patent-pending technology, the brand offers fashionable comfort providing shape and form without underwires all the way up to an E cup. Ruban noir allows women to wear lingerie at the café for lunch with a lover, by the pool, or as an evening outfit.

All models are made of the same fabrics so they can be mixed and matched across the collection for an effortless elegance.

Ruban noir is available in carefully selected lingerie and fashion boutiques across the world.